As we enter UK Parliament Week, here at SCVYS we’re really excited to celebrate by officially launching the 2023 Elections for Staffordshire Youth Union. Young people aged 11-18 across all districts of Staffordshire are competing for seats and asking for the votes of their fellow 11-18 year olds countywide.

Find out about the candidates with the link below:

Elections 2023 – Countywide Candidate Profile Booklet


If you are a Staffordshire young person, cast your vote now!

To be eligible to vote you must:

Head to this form to cast your vote and spread the word!

You can only vote once and it’s up to you whether you vote for someone in your local area, or someone anywhere in the county – find the young person who most connects with what you think is important, or who you think is perfect for the job!

(You can filter using the form whether you see all candidates or just the ones from a particular area)

Being elected into Staffordshire Youth Union is the only way to become officially involved with UK Youth Parliament in Staffordshire.

What is the Staffordshire Youth Union?
The Staffordshire Youth Union (SYU) is a group of up to 40 young people aged between 11 and 21 years, residing in,
or attending education or a youth group in Staffordshire. They must be elected to become a member and
representatives will have different roles, like in Staffordshire County Council or the government. SYU will elect its
own Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, and Communications Officer among other roles, and
representatives will be supported by Staffordshire Council of Voluntary Youth Services.

The purpose of the Staffordshire Youth Union is to work on behalf of young people in Staffordshire, in cooperation
with Staffordshire County Council and other influential partners, to increase young people’s influence over issues
and decisions that concern them.

What is a Member of Youth Parliament?
Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) are elected in every part of the UK. There are currently hundreds of MYPs. You
need to be aged between 11 and 18 to be a Member of Youth Parliament.

Once elected, MYPs may get involved in a variety of issues by meeting with Staffordshire’s MP and local councillors,
taking part in campaigns and debates, making speeches, and ensuring the views of young people are heard by

The most important aspect of any MYP’s role is to ensure they represent the views of the young people in their
constituency. Any MYP can set up a campaign, and any young person can support it and make a difference.

What experience do you need?
You don’t need any experience to become a member of Staffordshire Youth Union or a Member of Youth Parliament.
You just need:
 Passion
 Commitment
 A desire to make a difference in young people’s services
 The ability to listen to all young people
 To communicate with a wide variety of people
 Ideas about what can be done

Don’t worry if you’re interested and have missed out this time. You can still register your interest in becoming a member of SYU on the Staffordshire Youth Union page. When spaces open up, we’ll be in touch to see if you would like to be elected into the group and to give you more information.

If you’re doing anything for UK Parliament week we’d love to see your photos and hear about your activities. Use #StaffsYU or email

Join in the national conversation using hashtag #UKPW. Follow@YourUKParl for the latest updates. If you take photographs of your UKPW activity on a high resolution digital camera, share these nationally with and they could feature in next year’s booklet!